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The Life and Times

of a very silly girl

Silly Bitch
11 October
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So basically, I will rock your socks off. I like to think im fun to be around and a good time in general. I dont take shit from anyone, so if that's what you're bringing to the table, you can keep it, mmmkay? I may appear to be mean and scary when you first meet me, but if you give me some time, you'll see exactly how much of a softie I am. Im exceptionally sarcastic, and people often confuse that for hostility. If I don't like you, I will let you know as soon as possible. I'm a drama kid, but I'm not a performer. I'm the one scuttling ( yes, scuttling) around backstage making sure the show goes smoothly. And I proudly represent District 7 Troupe 3502. The theater is my house of worship. I'm a lesbian, in case you didn't already know. I love me girlfriend. She is my everything. The world is a brighter place when she's with me. I'm not a man hating lesbian, though. I'm a senior in high school, extremely broke and I don't drive. Basically, I suck at life, but I'm wicked cool. I enjoy writing when the mood strikes. Reading is a passion of mine. Im constantly on the lookout of a good book I can sink my teeth into, figuratively, of course. Im not a freak who goes around eating books or something. I enjoy movies that make me think. Theyre the best if they make me laugh or cry. Music is also another passion. It's what makes life interesting. I would probably keel over and die if I didn't have my iPod. Everything is more interesting if you give it a soundtrack. I find racism rather humorous. Im an equal oportunity bigot; I hate everyone equally. I don't discriminate; Life would be incredibly dull if everyone was one color, race, gender, religion. I'm often told that I have an old soul. That I'm wise for my age. That I'm a safe harbor in the chaos of life. And I pride myself on all that. Farts will always be the most hysterical thing in the world. Winter is my favorite time of year. Nothing beats being snuggled under the blankets all warm and toasty while the air is nice and frosty, especially with the girl you love. Christmas and New Years are my favorite holidays. Not because of the commercialism of Christmas, but for the feeling of family, love, peace and joy that it embodies. And New Years because of opportunity to start again, in a way. Nothing can ever change what youve done in the past, but you can learn from your mistakes. I'm a nerd (albeit fairly attractive). Video Games are my poison. World of Warcraft is my escape from reality. Level 62 Human Paladin on Earthenring. Wii gives me exercise, although I do go to the gym (though not as much as I should). I love to cook. And I'm damn good at it. But I dont like eating that much. I love food, I just dont like having to put all that effort into chewing. Im a mess. My life is organized chaos. Warm weather makes me sleepy, and aggitated. I hate sweating, but love getting dirty. Get your minds out of the gutter, please. The second best feeling in the world is the satisfaction of a job well done, no matter how grueling it may seem. The first best feeling in the world is waking up in the her arms and seeing her beautiful face. Im artistic, although I'm not very good at drawing and painting. I like to build things. History is the best subject. I want to be a high school World History teacher when I grow up. I want to have kids, at least two of them out of my womb. I prefer a quiet night at home to a night on the town. Im a libra, which could explain my love of peace and harmony. Im random to the extreme, if you couldnt already tell by now. Im a total scatter brain, but when it comes to getting things done, I know how to pony up and git er done. Im rather fond of power tools, and if that makes me a dyke, then so be it. Cross dressing is a good time. I make a cute boy. Chuck Taylors are my shoe of choice. Im addicted to mountain dew. Rain makes me want to cuddle. Being scared makes me want to have sexy time. I drink occasionally. I never get too shitfaced, mostly because Im far too lazy to drink that much. I strongly believe that an end justifies the means, within reason of course. Morality is relative. Age is a state of mind. I have a lot of opinions on a lot of things. German is my favorite non-english language. But there is nothing sexier than having sweet spanish words purred into your ear. Activism makes me happy. I want to change the world. Happiness is my ultimate goal, and Im halfway there. I enjoy pain more than I should. Im a physical person. Looks and touches tell me more than words ever could. Blood is thicker than water. If you fuck with my family, I will fuck with you. Im proud to be an United States Citizen, even if our government is shit at the present time. I give people the benefit of the doubt. I like to see the best in people and love them for their flaws. People are innately good, its the enviroment their in that makes them 'bad'. I don't believe in strict boundaries between good and evil. or right and wrong. If a woman wants to have an abortion, that her business. If they want to smoke crack and shoot herione, thats they're business, but don't expect me to associate with them. The world would be a happier place if everyone smoked pot. Interracial relationships make me giddy. So does seeing love overcome all obstacles. I dont believe in organized religion. I have no opinion on whether or not 'God' exists. I dont believe in heaven and hell, per se. Reincarnation is an entertaining thought. Old movies make me happy. My first gay crush was on Shirley McLaine in 'The Childrens Hour' with Audrey Hepburn. And I've pretty much run out of things to say about myself, so if there's anything you want to know, dont be afraid to ask.

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